The Computer Engineer

The Computer Engineer

You’re offline – I cannot connect;
Your server is down and I’ve checked:
Systems Support
Says your Internet port
Is subject to wilful neglect.

Your software demands an upgrading:
The icons are biodegrading;
I state, with compunction
“Your tools have no function:
What’s happened to Borders and Shading?”

Your motherboard needs some attention:
Her wiring’s requiring extension;
The source of the fuss is
The age of her buses –
She ought to be drawing a pension.

And look at her sad CPU!
She never knows quite what to do:
Her cache is no more,
Her memory’s poor –
And she’s definitely missing a screw.

I’m afraid that in facing defeat,
I’ve pronounced your PC obsolete:
Since DOS is defunct,
It should really be junked
Now it’s time to be hitting delete.


© Theresa van Straten 2005 All Rights Reserved


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