Underground Rage

Underground Rage

Underground, overground – just take your pick;
Smog and Monoxide aren’t killing us quick,
Always delays on whatever we ride:
It’s either a breakdown, or a suicide.

“Mind the gap! Mind the gap!”
It is bad for your health
To fall on the track;
Every man for himself!
Each woman and child
In the crush is united;
Every profanity’s being recited;
Limbs lock and lash
In the rush for a seat:
Faith in humanity
Is incomplete.

Find the map! Find the map!
On the road into town
The bus gets a puncture:
The only way’s down:
I’ve tried for a taxi:
The file is a mile –
(This does not relax me, or make me smile).
Central line’s closed
I can’t get to Bank
(What I want now
Is a big Chieftain tank).

“Overground, Overground – EVACUATE!
Dubious package found in section eight!”
Be calm and orderly?
I’ve passed that stage
So it’s time for the onset
Of Underground Rage.
Seething, I curse as I battle the stairs,
Sending ’em flying – briefcases, pushchairs;
“I’ll give you Big Issue!
NO! I won’t chill –
If I had a gun,
I’d be shooting at will
Fuming with fury
I’m ‘evil dictator’ –
I’m Mutant Commuter –
Tube Terminator.

Underground, overground –
Wherever you roam,
London is poisonous. Just stay at home.


© Theresa van Straten 2005 All Rights Reserved


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