For the Record

For the Record

It was stupid; I’m sorry – temptation
Just caught my senses off guard;
I never intended to do it –
And it’s left me emotionally scarred.

It was just a small lapse of attention,
Brought on by an excess of drink;
I was not in control of my feelings. . .
I even forgot how to think!

It meant nothing – I didn’t enjoy it;
It was foolish to think that I might;
So why did I go and destroy it?
I wish we’d stayed in for the night.

I couldn’t perform – It was dismal
Half way through – all the music just stopped.
She said, “Oops, that was truly abysmal”.
Only then did I know that I’d flopped.

I got carried away by the moment,
So please can we just keep it low key?
Why did I try it? I should have kept quiet!
Never again – Karaoke.


© Theresa van Straten 2005 All Rights Reserved